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Broadening your Horizons

Well all this Sprint has done has broadened my stress. Im not 100% where to head with my first assignment but am slowly better understanding things thanks to the 1st Part Timers that have been supporting us. I forgot how hard it is to get back into the swing of things with study.

Why is personalised learning an opportunity?

It is an opportunity because it is unique in its approach. It is self determined learning with a heutagogical approach.


What are the challenges around implementing personalised learning?

Learners not having the skills to learn


Connection to the internet

Teacher Mindsets

Are there limits to personalised learning?


Are there contexts that personalised learning would not fit?

Traditional School Based Learning

Who is saying personalised learning is an emerging opportunity?

The MOE and government education reformers

How does personalised learning enable cultural responsiveness?

It allows knowledge to be democratised and learners investigating in there own style in a global community

How does personalised learning and collaboration improve learning?

Engages and stimulates learners.

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