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Technology as the enabler of pedagogy

How do I use technology in my current practice?

Robotics with support of chromebooks, iPads and laptops. 

What does it enable in terms of teaching and learning and what does it hinder?

It enables rich learning and an opportunity for students to be the facilitator of learning for the teacher and peers. It hinders the more formal accountability that ERO look for as evidence of a highly functioning school.

Do I agree with these ideas of distributed agency?

Yes because they identify clearly the differences in the context of learning.

How might pedagogy change as we consider agency as dynamic, relational or ecological?

We would move away from traditional pedagogy as agency lends itself to andragogy and heutigogy. Relational pedagogy becomes more pertinent.

What new learning might occur in aspects of my teaching if I adopted one of the pedagogies in this sprint ?

More student agency.

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