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Ricardo Fox


We encourage globally competent students who have the knowledge and skills to investigate the World. Global competence that starts by them being aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how it works. Our globally competent students ask and explore critical questions and "researchable" problems - problems for which there may not be one right answer, but can be systematically engaged intellectually and emotionally. Their questions are globally significant, questions that address important phenomena and events that are relevant world wide - in their own community and in communities across the globe. Our I.C.T infrastructure and equipment allows for us to communicate with Asia and to develop personal relationships with other schools and students.












Global competence is a crucial shift in our understanding of the purpose of education in a changing world. Students everywhere deserve the opportunity to succeed in the global economy and contribute as global citizens. We must fashion a more creative and visionary educational response to the interconnected world of the 21st century, starting now.

School's in unison with Asia:NZ work to provide students with the support and learning to prepare them for the 21st century. Students in the all classrooms will experience both the language and culture of India, Korea, China, and Japanese. All chosen due to their significant business and wealth growth over the past ten years. The GDP of these four countries has improved significantly and are all within 15 hour flight from Auckland International Airport - New Zealand’s global backdoor step. 
An Asia Aware Frasertown student has the skills and knowledge to live in an interconnected world, specifically with their Asian neighbours, both in Asia and in New Zealand. These skills include language, knowledge about the peoples and countries of Asia and intercultural competencies such as confidence, self awareness and understanding of cultural values and diversity.
We are working to immerse within our curriculum and environment the skills and knowledge that students need to understand more about the peoples and countries of Asia.” In addition, an Asia Aware school delivers the intercultural competencies that students need to live and work in Asia and with Asian people in New Zealand.
Young New Zealanders need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of the opportunities to live, work and interact with the Asian communities in New Zealand and with the peoples and countries of Asia. Education is the key to achieving this. It is not a choice that we have to offer these skills, but an imperative.

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