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  • Problem-The description of the problem needs to articulate the pedagogical and educational dimensions of the problem. If you don’t, your project will be weak!

  • Don’t use student engagement - it’s in everything. What are the deeper issues?

  • Have a clear problem, and keep asking yourself why?


Project - Group Task














What is the central problem?

-doesn’t match (the problem is the staff who are not confident in maths? But only going to improve own practice. 

- Too broad: Also, going to improve it with way too many vague theories)

- Data is incongruent - What is the correlation between Maori learners and girl learners?

- If the focus is on improving educational outcomes for all, how is that made my focusing on self practice?

- Scope is too scopey

-What ‘difference’ are they wanting to make to students learning? Who? How?


What are the educational components?

-We can’t easily tell. It should be made easy and clear for the reader.

-unclear because so many strategies have been identified and ‘all’ strands of Math are the ‘problem’

-Which test

-Which group/cohort are they focusing on? Schoolwide? If so, that's far too broad!


What are the pedagogical components?

-is it there an innovation or change that caused the change?



  • Goals-be specific! Poor goals start with “I will explore...investigate...introduce etc…”

  • What are the goals that emerge from your problems? Understanding the problem from an educational and pedagogical view is key to devising goals.


  • Artefacts-Support the aim of your project. What artefacts support you along the way? Eg: surveys etc, blogs, data, journals... They make up the deliverable. Tools and any other pieces of evidence.

  • Go with what you know

  • Level 9 of the project asks for new insights/evidence. How has this changed your practice?


  • What’s your polished thing you will present at the end?

  • Could be a website,a Podcast, PLD Guide, Journal Article, Teaching and Learning Resource, ebook etc….

Purpose Statement:

  • The overall description of your project. 

  • It has a population, a setting, and key pedagogical and educational purposes. Specific and succinct

  • Eg: I will develop a teaching and learning resource for teachers on PBL with a heutagogical focus that will be implemented school wide in a Primary School.

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