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Face to Face Two

I felt like an absolute passenger at this F2F. I was really happy to have found my tribe again and people who think similarly and who instantly understand a concept when I am talking about it. All the cohorts were bought together and it was really interesting observing some of the people and which path they were taking in regards to the study.

I really appreciated the time Frances gave to the group, although I felt some of the questions she was asked were loaded slightly and it took all my power to be quiet. This makes a change for some who know me! It is always good to hear her message and to refocus on what is important.

It was really awesome to have my mate Kreas from CMiE there for support and sharing his learning. I also met Jordan Preistly - Miss P! What an absolute delight and power of knowledge and support. Their korero and understanding was fantastic. We presented our potential projects and then worked on improving them. I was thankful mine posed a potential solution to an existing and problem in NZ with equity.

We heard project plans from the 1st Full time intake and it was interesting hearing the various projects. They were all fantastic and well worthwhile for the future of education in New Zealand.

On to the assignment, it is all pretty scary right now as many of us are unsure of what we are going to produce and if what we focus on is relevant. There are so many unknowns I hope I get it right!

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